Wednesday, 15 March 2017


22-24 May 2017 - Seville (Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americanos)
International Conference: Sediciones y revueltas en la reflexión política de la Europa moderna / Séditions et révoltes dans la réflexion politique de l’Europe Moderne
Eric Durot: “L’Écosse révoltée: un laboratoire politique pour le royaume de France au tournant des guerres de Religion.”

16 June 2017 - Rambouillet (Palais du roi de Rome)
Conference: Mary of Guise as a conduit between Lorraine, France and Scotland
Eric Durot: "A too free conduit? When the flow of men and ideas turned against Mary of Guise"
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26-27 June 2017 - Glasgow (University of Strathclyde)
The 2017 (31th) SSFH Annual Conference: France, Europe and the World
Eric Durot: Initiator of the panel ‘Rethinking the French Wars of Religion: a transnational approach’
Eric Durot: "The Scottish Reformation Rebellion (1559-60): The First French War of Religion"

5-6 July 2017 - Durham (Durham University)
Workshop: Sedition: subversive and controversial literature in Europe, 1500-1700
Eric Durot: “John Knox’s ‘subversive literature’ and the outbreak of the French Wars of Religion: A Survey”

And in York:

2 June 2017: “The Uses of History in Early Modern Religious Controversies”, International Conference at King’s Manor, York. Organiser: Dr. Stefan Bauer (Marie Curie fellow, University of York)

9 June 2017: “A Date with History: did you say Europe?”, King’s Manor, York.
during the York Festival of Ideas