Tuesday, 25 July 2017

In preparation

An article: “Scottish Agents, Protestant solidarity and the End of the ‘Franco-British’ Empire (1560s)”

This paper participates in the rethinking of the outbreak of the French Wars of Religion by a transnational approach. It does so by focusing on three Scottish captains – Stuart, Borthwick and Cockburn – who were actors of the end of the British ambitions of the catholic French Kings at the turn of the 1560s. To ensure the triumph of the Protestant Cause, they were involved on the side of the Huguenots but crossed the Channel many times. They were soldiers, men of action, double or triple agents, letter bearers, between France, England and Scotland. They participated in a new dimension of the Auld Alliance and the birth of British links between Elizabeth I’s kingdom and Scotland from 1559. Their lives on the both side of the Channel reveal the important and complex Franco-British history in the middle of the 16th century.

Publication in 2018: Conference Proceedings

* by ‘Revue de l’Est’: Marie de Lorraine-Guise. Bar-le-Duc, Lorraine, Europe. 500 ans (2015) Conference Proceedings

* by ‘Etudes Epistémè’ (online): Mary of Guise as a conduit between Lorraine, France and Scotland (2017) Conference Proceedings

* by ‘Classiques Garnier’: Sediciones y revueltas en la reflexión política de la Europa moderna / Séditions et révoltes dans la réflexion politique de l’Europe Moderne (2017) Conference Proceedings